The Science of Light

Business Investing and M&A Strategist:

The Venture Capital TEAM

Unlock new horizons with our proven expertise in business investing and mergers and acquisitions. With a keen eye for well-run businesses, I specialize in identifying opportunities for growth and success. Let’s work cooperatively and collaboratively towards your goal and explore the possibilities of strategic partnerships and expansions.

South Miami Beach
Watkins Glen
Digital Media Maestro:

Where brands come alive through strategic storytelling

From award-winning films to viral marketing campaigns, my journey has been marked by success and innovation. Explore a portfolio that showcases my proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci Resolve, and other cutting-edge video editing tools.

Photography Wizardry:

Immerse yourself in a visual journey as I blend artistry and technical precision in every photograph. Over 130,000 images captured and processed, each telling a unique story. From antique treasures to contemporary moments, witness the world through my lens.

Enjoy the best design & functions combined together

Website Expertise since 1995:

Experience the expertise of seamless online experiences. As a skilled website developer and UX designer, I bring digital visions to life. Whether you’re looking for an stunning personal website or an e-commerce platform that stands out, I have the tools to make it happen.